Sharks in the Water: Overcoming Life's Challenges


Sharks in the Water: Overcoming Life's Challenges



Declared dead on a construction site after a devastating workplace accident, Jeff Ryan’s nightmare had only just begun. When the immense cannonball of high-pressure liquid-concrete blasted towards Jeff’s head, the impact was like a shrapnel bomb exploding in his face. The destructive force of that caustic mass smashed his teeth, and left him temporarily blind and disfigured. 

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When he first glimpsed that unfamiliar, mutilated reflection, in a hospital mirror that should have been covered, Jeff wondered if his life would ever be the same again. And while the external injuries did heal over time, Jeff was left with a permanent brain injury. 

This is the gripping true story of an ordinary man rising to overcome extraordinary adversity. 

In the wake of his accident, Jeff and his family confronted exhausting legal battles, crippling financial pressures, and even threats of death and violence from the powerful gangs who control the dark side of Australia’s construction industry. 

Yet throughout his journey, Jeff’s faith never wavered. Ultimately, his ordeal brought him closer to God, and closer to his family. It helped to redirect his life along a new and richly rewarding path. 

This isn’t a just book about faith, finance or leadership. It’s a book about life, love and hope. Jeff’s tale demonstrates that every one of us can triumph in the face of overwhelming odds, and that God is with us, even in our darkest moments. 

Sharks in the Water shows how we can discover remarkable joy, despite the inevitable pain and struggle that we endure together. Surrounded by a sea of choice, we must all make hard decisions if we wish to avoid the sharks and attain an extraordinary life. 

And the extraordinary is all around us, just waiting for us to dive in.