“Misfit Aid empowers global communities impacted by poverty, disaster and humanitarian crisis.” - Jeff Ryan (CEO - MisfitAid)


what is misfit ?

Misfit Aid is the not-for-profit arm of Sydney based surfboard manufacturer Misfit Shapes. Misfit Aid partners with local organisations and in country partners to empower the aid and development of communities impacted by poverty, disaster and humanitarian crisis.


Misfit Aid sends teams of skilled individuals from the Australian community to assist in the areas of building and construction, community empowerment and other development programs as guided by the needs and circumstances of the community.
Misfit Aid aims to assist communities through the sharing of skills, resources and knowledge, enabling the communities to harness their own change and development and ensure a sustainable future. Since founding in 2010, over 70 Misfit Aid volunteers have assisted communities in countries including Chile, Peru, Samoa, Fiji and Mexico.