01 Finding Purpose // POWER SERIES

We've created a series of posts to help you live a life of PURPOSE and POWER.
And over the coming weeks we'll work our way through the word POWER using it as an acronym P.O.W.E.R. 

The purpose of this acronym is to help you find an easier way to remember, in the heat of life's battles how YOU can truly succeed in life and live a life of POWER "beyond your wildest expectations".

So, as the first post of the series, we begin with the letter P;

P. Is for purpose.

I truely believe knowing your Purpose is a massive key to living a life of power.

What do i mean by purpose? 

Purpose is almost like your own personal mission and vision statement. Your personal answer to "why am I doing what i am doing? Why am i on this planet. What is my PURPOSE?"

To discover your PURPOSE, I encourage people to answer the question; "what am I passionate about and what do I enjoy doing".

Your PURPOSE, or what you do in your 'everyday' (ie your job) doesn't have to be something we don't like doing! We should be able to do our 'everyday' passionately and with a sense of enjoyment. 

This happens when we know our PURPOSE / our passion / our reason for doing why we do.

How do we find out what our purpose is?

  1. Write down what you are passionate about
  2. Write down what you enjoy
  3. Write down your dream job

After this our goal over the coming week is to have a 15 word mission statement for our own lives and a 3-4 word summary of why we do what we do.

For example...

My person mission statement is:
"Through a successful business, a loving family environment and a life lived on Godly principles, to impact 1000's of people reach their full potential beyond their wildest dreams"

I then summarise that in 3 words by asking the question; how do I do that?

For me, I...

I personally weigh up all of my working decisions around my personal mission statement. 
"Does this job line up with my personal mission statement?" 
Yes? ...then I say yes to the job
No? ...then I say no, or I change the outcome of the job to line up with my reason for being/my PURPOSE.

I look forward to the journey ahead with you.
Until my next post, let's LIVE THE DREAM.